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Sign Industry Update

The sign industry has moved towards cheaper signs which can be made faster and/or digitally printed direct to metal.  UV curable inks (rather than baking) has become the norm but they produce a product that has a short lifetime- 3-5 years due to the nature of the ink and the application thickness.


We at PKM have decided to continue to produce products that have excellent outdoor durability as we feel that this is needed due to the nature of the pipeline industry and the remote applications involved.  All of our products are designed to last as long as possible.



We continue to manufacture all of our signs using Aluminum Alloy in .050 to .080 thickness, depending on size.  We screenprint our signs with Very Durable Thermoset Enamel Inks and bake them which produce a 15-20 year product in the outdoors with very little fading.  They are hard and scratch resistant and care is taken to ship them in boxes or crates to minimize damage.  

                                                                     Sign posts:

We stock galvanized steel channel posts as well as powder coated posts (yellow, orange, white) which again exhibit good outdoor durability.  We don't keep green posts as they have proven prone to rust.


                                                            Fiberglass Markers -EZ Drive

We stock these in 66" length in several colors and have found, we believe, the best out there.  We screenprint (rather than digitally print) our decals and apply them before shipping,


                                                                  Aerial Patrol Markers:

Due to the cost of galvanizing, we are moving towards aluminum angle brackets, which we are reinforcing to handle wind load and make stronger.  We have always used aluminum # plates and galv. pipe posts (8-10') which provide a long life.  Channel posts with brackets will move around and wiggle in the wind but do not come apart, so we still do some of those .  We WILL make you galv steel brackets if you prefer, but they will be more costly. .   

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